Meet the Coaches

AmberCoach Amber (Cofounder/Director)

Coach Amber Rauh has vast experience in coaching volleyball for many age groups. Coach Amber was the Director of Coaching for two Nike Camps held at Sportaka and Princeton Day School. She was primarily in charge of designing the lesson plans for the entire camp.

She volunteer coached youth recreational programs from 2010 to 2014. Additionally, Rauh was a Head Coach for major NJ youth club teams from 2015-2019. Amber balanced a 13 Nationals team and a 15 Local team using the income to pay for her college tuition. She also directed tournaments for GEVA and held scorekeeping seminars for her club during the 2015 through 2018 seasons.

Amber was the captain of her team at Middlesex County College during her 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons. Rauh was the team's starting Outside Hitter, and she earned many awards during her collegiate career. In her Freshman season, Rauh was nominated onto the All- GSAC Division III second team. During her 2016-17 season, Rauh was nominated as GSAC Player of the Week for the Region with 48 kills, 60 digs, and 19 aces in one week. Additionally, she received All- GSAC Division III First team and All-Region Division III second team after her sophomore season. In 2017-18, Coach Amber became a volunteer coach for Middlesex County College. The following year, she became the Head Coach for the Women's Volleyball Program.

Amber graduated from Middlesex with an Associates in Physical Education and now studies at Kean University, majoring in Exercise Science. From 2019- 2021 Rauh focused on school, became a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, and developed a youth clinic program. She also plays competitive beach doubles, coaches youth beach programs, and holds adult clinics.

Coach Amber enjoys giving back to her community. She attends events that promote giving gifts to children, like the giving tree or car club charity events meant to give back to children. Additionally, Coach Amber frequently coupons and can get extra supplies like feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, and other necessary supplies. Coach Amber Also sews stuffed dolls for homeless kids using scrap sewing material. Any opportunity that coach Amber gets, she will step in and give her time and effort.



Coach Cliff (Cofounder/ Director)

Cliff owns and operates an adult club called Greater Metro Area Volleyball Club (GMAVC), established in 2012. Along with his partner Sherry, they built the program from nothing into the largest adult open gym in NJ, hosting multiple events every week. GMAVC has hosted many tournaments, which include D3 and D2 college teams competing. Many local Universities have their players routinely practicing at GMAVC's weekly advanced events. The group also runs charity events, fundraisers, and other community-focused programs to give back and be ambassadors for the sport.

Cliff was recently appointed Regional Manager for Nike Youth Volleyball Camps in central NJ, with plans to install instructional camps around the area for years to come. He oversees who is hired and ensures that the program is held to high standards.

Since 2016, Cliff has coached adult clinics for newer players with his Head Coach, Amber Rauh. The clinics allowed GMAVC, which has over 2500 members, to expand into more recreational level players and broaden the offering suite. The clinics range from fundamentals to training skill-specific mechanics. Cliff knows how to run system volleyball and has experience running drills and coaching beginner and intermediate players.

In addition to running competitive and recreational adult events, Cliff plays competitive beach volleyball. His diverse playing experience keeps expanding his appreciation for the game, and his passion for the sport’s growth in NJ is tireless. His newest goal is to grow awareness of the sport for the next generation.







Coach Julian (Coach)

Coach Julian Diaz graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a major in Industrial Engineering. 

In high school, he earned his varsity letters as the starting outside hitter all four years and was captain of his team junior and senior years. He achieved numerous awards such All-Conference Honorable Mention and Second Team All-Hudson County. He continued his volleyball career at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, playing as a middle blocker his first year and moving on to opposite hitter his final two years with the team. Coach Julian has extensive training in every position on the court, primarily trained as the outside hitter/opposite hitter in a 5-1 system. Coach Julian has attended countless camps, clinics, and various other programs to increase his knowledge in all aspects of the game.   

Coach Julian was a Head Coach for two Nike camps held in Sportika and Princeton Day School during Summer 2021.

Diaz was an assistant coach at Donald M. Payne Sr. School of Technology for the Women’s Varsity/Junior Varsity teams. He also returned to his high school to assist in running various camps and clinics which focused on the returning Varsity/Junior Varsity athletes. Diaz has hosted countless college-level tournaments for charities at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Coach Julian Diaz still hosts college-level tournaments frequently, mainly at the Metuchen Sportsplex. Diaz is CPR certified and Osha 30 certified.  

When Coach Julian Diaz is off the court, he enjoys giving back to the community through a Youtube channel he created called “Julian’s Vlogs.” In his channel, he supports various communities that have touched his life by giving away funds to random people who need support/help. He gives back to people’s lives and makes a positive change in his community without expectation. Most of his funding comes from the volleyball tournaments he continuously hosts at Sportsplex Metuchen and collecting donations. His goal is to help as many people as he can in his lifetime and bring awareness to the growing sport of volleyball.



 Coach Leah (Coach)

Coach Leah Dooley attends the University of Tampa, majoring in Athletic Training. In high school, she played Varsity volleyball as their starting Outside Hitter for all four years. Dooley was the captain for her Junior and Senior seasons. She earned numerous athletic awards throughout her high school career, such as All-Conference Honorable, First Team All-Union County, and Second Team All-State. She was ranked in the top 20th out of 5,000 volleyball players in the state of New Jersey and was named athlete of the week her Junior year of high school. Coach Leah attends the University of Tampa, majoring in Athletic Training.

Additionally, Dooley played at a National level for five consecutive years. She has extensive training in every position on the court. Dooley primarily trained as an Outside Hitter in a 5-1 and 6-2 system. Dooley attended camps, clinics, and other programs to increase her experience in skills like passing, setting, and hitting. 

Dooley was an Assistant Coach for volleyball camps hosted by her high school during her off-seasons. The camps trained the incoming freshmen and the returning junior varsity athletes. In addition, Coach Dooley was an Assistant Coach for clinics and camps for middle school athletes in her town at the local YMCA. Coach Dooley started running Private lessons in 2019. The privates helped some of her athletes to get accepted onto varsity during their freshman season. Now, Dooley is a Head Coach for REC-IT-Volleyball. 

During the rest of the year, when Coach Dooley is off the court, she contributes to her church activities, including mission trips in Jackson, Mississippi, Philadelphia, and locally in New Jersey. She integrates her leadership skills to get everyone involved both on and off the court to ensure everyone is having fun!





Coach Charlie (Coach)

Coach Charlie is currently a college student at Saint Elizabeth University. He is also a part of the school's Volleyball Team. The starting setter and floor captain of the team, He amassed 188 assists his first season and was on track to 400 until the season was cut short due to COVID. His second season he managed to reach 100 assists only playing 5 games due to a shortened COVID season. With his help, Saint Elizabeth managed to come 2nd in the CSAC conference and reach the championship game. When he attended Teaneck high school, he helped his team to the North I championships, going undefeated and to the second round of states beating Bergenfield in the first round. They finished the season ranked in the Top 25 teams in the state during his tenure in Teaneck.

Coach Charlie has had numerous stints in coaching. Charlie Head Coached two Nike Camps held at Sportika and Princeton Day School during the summer of 2021. Additionally, he returns to his old High school and volunteer coaches his previous underclassmen. He has also helped start up a new club volleyball team in North Jersey. 

During his free time, Coach Charlie loves to attend open gyms, play grass, and beach volleyball. He loved to eat as well, traveling all around finding new restaurants from New York all the way to Texas.





Coach Jimmy (Coach)

Coach Jimmy Walsh graduated from Scotch Plains Fanwood High school after playing volleyball there for three years. He led his team to win the county championship two times and was given numerous awards and recognition such as First-Team All-County and Second-Team All-Conference. After his successful high school career, coach Jimmy has gone on to play at Misericordia University, where he still runs the offense now as a setter and sometimes right-side hitter.

Coach Jimmy realized early on he enjoyed coaching and began while still in high school, where he was the assistant coach to the PAL Middle School volleyball teams and helped the younger players grow into the sport. He also played key roles on club teams and competed in many regional tournaments during his three-year tenure there. He built a network of players and coaches which helped him mature early in his coaching role. He now looks back and can count those contacts as close friends. 

Additionally, Coach Jimmy coached in two Nike Volleyball Camps held at Sportika and Princeton Day School in the summer of 2021. 

In his off-season, Jimmy plays beach and grass volleyball and still likes to compete in tournaments. He continues his college playing career at Misericordia University while studying accounting and looks to finish his degree in the spring of 2023.









Coach Natasha (Coach)

Coach Natasha Martinez played in the Dominican Republic when she was 12 years old. She played for her Middle School team. When she was old enough, she played for her city National team. The team earned numerous Gold and Silver medals. She primarily played as a right-side hitter and an outside hitter in the National program. This team gave her recognition to where she was invited to try out for the Dominican Republic Team.

 Coach Martinez played for Passaic County College as the team’s starting setter. Her team excelled in their division and won Regionals for the NJCAA. Her team played against a fierce competitor, New Hampton College. 

Coach Martinez was an Assistant Coach for Eastside High School in Paterson for a year. She started coaching for REC It Volleyball in Fall 2021 and works with the Beginner/Intermediate athletes who play in the leagues and attend the practice Programs. 

In her free time, she tries to stay active by playing volleyball. Coach Martinez currently plays in many competitive open gyms, tournaments, and much more! She hosts an Advanced Co-ed Adult Open Gyms on Monday nights. If she is not on the court, she is exploring different cultures through their cuisines. 







Coach Kyle (Coach)

Coach Kyle Knight is one of the Coaches for REC It Volleyball. He has been playing volleyball since 2008. He started his volleyball career in adult recreational open gyms and worked his way into competitive volleyball tournaments. Coach Kyle plays weekly in competitive adult open gyms held by GMAVC. His primary position is Middle Hitter/Blocker. 

Coach Kyle took many adult volleyball clinics held by Coach Amber and learned proper mechanics such as footwork, control, and strategy. He also is trained in system volleyball and can confidently run a 5-1 system as a Middle Hitter. Everything that he learned in the adult clinics translates into youth volleyball coaching. 

Coach Kyle is a determined and athletic coach. His volleyball history is different than most because there was no formal volleyball training when he was a child. Within the past 12+ years, he has become dedicated to the sport and learned the terminology and positioning to play in competitive games. 

Coach Kyle coaches the Beginner Leagues and Beginner Clinic programs. He works hard with the other REC It coaches to give the young athletes the experience. He puts all of his energy into making the game fun and educational. The kids love working with him because he is caring and keeps the practice judgment-free. He gives the athletes input about some of the things that he learned over the years. An example is, “you can be tall, jump high, and hit hard, but that does not make your team win. You win when you work together and support the other five people on the court with you.” 






Coach Ashley Dai (Coach)

Coach Ashley Dai attends Stanford University majoring in Symbolic Systems and minoring in Political Science. She played volleyball for Blair Academy in high school. Ashley was a starting varsity setter for all four years. She was the head captain of her team during her senior season and the court captain during her sophomore and junior seasons. Coach Ashley earned numerous awards during her high school career. She received the 2021 Senior Athletic Award and the Blair Academy Volleyball Award after leading her team to an undefeated season.

Coach Ashley Dai also played club volleyball for four consecutive years at a national level. Coach Dai was primarily a setter, but she had extensive training in other positions such as outside hitting, right-side hitting, and defensive specialist. In 2017, Coach Ashley’s club team placed second in the Grand Prix tournament and GEVA Regionals, resulting in a bid to Junior Nationals.

Additionally, Coach Dai coached a Nike Volleyball Camp held at Princeton Day School in the summer of 2021. 

Coach Ashley Dai worked closely with her school’s Athlete Development program. She assistant coached in the camps and clinics held by her school. She primarily coached the middle school, freshman, and junior varsity volleyball athletes. She was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award for outstanding volunteers in 2020 for her efforts as a coach. Coach Dai also volunteered at the HuaXia Chinese school as an assistant volleyball coach for middle school and high school athletes.

In her free time, Coach Dai likes to give back to her community and school. She took her academics seriously and used her knowledge as a peer tutor at Blair Academy. She also worked with Amnesty International and her high school’s inclusivity committee to further Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) and human rights efforts. In these programs, Coach Dai organized petition signing and letter-writing events. Additionally, she led educational seminars during Black History Month and AAPI History Month.







Coach Olivia (Coach)

Coach Olivia Teska attends the University of Tennessee, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. In High School, she played varsity volleyball for Governor Livingston High School as their starting setter. She earned numerous athletic awards throughout her high school career, such as All-Conference Honorable and Third Team All-Union County.

Additionally, Teska played at a National and Regional level for five consecutive years. She has extensive training in every position on the court. Teska primarily trained as a setter and opposite hitter in a 6-2 system. Teska attended academy-style training and reinforced her knowledge for other skills such as passing, hitting, and serving.

During her off seasons, Teska was an Assistant coach for camps held by her school. The camps trained the junior varsity and freshman athletes. In addition, Coach Teska was an assistant coach for middle school clinics and camps in her town. She used her vast knowledge from competitive clubs to train the young athletes in private and semi-private lessons. During the summers, Coach Teska plays competitive beach volleyball. She played in the Juniors divisions and currently plays Women’s and Co-ed.  Now, Teska is a Head Coach for REC-IT Volleyball.

Additionally, Coach Olivia coached in two Nike Volleyball Camps held at Sportika and Princeton Day School in the summer of 2021. 

When Coach Olivia Teska is off of the court, she enjoys giving back to her community. She volunteers at a local soup kitchen, sorting the food that people donate. Additionally, Coach Teska works with children who have disabilities at her local horse barn. She tacks up the horses and walks with the children while they ride to ensure a safe and fun environment.




Coach Aaron (Head Coach)

Coach Aaron de Jesus graduated from Far Eastern University in the Philippines with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. He then took his Master's degree in Academic Management at St. Paul University in Manila, and extra certifications in graduate studies at the same University. Aaron was part of the first six volleyball players accepted to the new team in his freshman year in high school as a middle blocker and continued as a designated setter for his remaining three years there. In that time, he earned numerous awards such as best middle blocker, a 2x best setter, and was named one of the Mythical Six in his Senior year. He continued his volleyball career at Far Eastern University in Manila as a setter. Still, a knee injury and his chosen course of the study prevented him from playing on his college team. While on the sidelines, he was in rehab and training with the city government volleyball team until he went back to playing while he was taking his Masters at St. Paul University in Manila. On that team, coach Aaron as the setter, led the team to two conference championships. He still successfully competes in regional tournaments such as Nagva, GEVA, and other interstate Leagues. A perpetual student of the game, coach Aaron has attended numerous training seminars and camps such as the Heroes Volleyball Program in the Philippines and Milo Volleyball Clinics. 

De Jesus was an Assistant Coach for both the men's and women's programs in St. Joseph School of Fairview. He also coached and played for St. Augustines School of Nursing. His most recent coaching experience is at Bayonne High school's girls’ team. Coach Aaron also helps Coach Julian with hosting his tournaments in Metuchen Sportplex regularly. He is a fixture in the community and well known. 

Off the court, coach Aaron is a family man and treats his friends like family. He loves the outdoors and kickboxing and can be found on nature walks. Coach Aaron is a fierce competitor, but he also loves to help recreational players get better in their game - his passion is in helping others grow.