What should we do if we are going to miss a practice/ game?

If you are sick, or not attending, please email with the athlete's name in the subject followed by the word absent/ sick. (example: Amber Rauh: Absent). In your email, please clearly indicate the dates that you will be absent. Please do your best to inform us early, so we can plan accordingly.


How do you accommodate athletes who are 10 and under?

Most 10 and under athletes may not have the strength to play with a regular ball. We have special balls that are lighter. We also have a lower net to help build their confidence on the court. Most of these athletes are brand new to the sport and we want to focus on building the love for the sport.


Why do I need to fill out the Athlete information form?

We need the sign-up forms to learn more about the athlete. In most of our programs, we give shirts, take attendance, take lots of photos, and make lesson plans based on the skill level of everyone in attendance. It is important for us to have all of the information to have a speedy check-in process and to make sure that all athletes are accounted for.


Do I have to fill out the Athlete Information form every time I sign up for an event?

As of now, yes, it helps us organize every athlete when we have multiple programs occurring. Each program has its own sign-up form and that helps generate the check-in list.


What do we need to do before the start date of your programs?

For clinics/ Practice Programs:

  • Register and checkout
  • Fill out the Athlete InformationForm Linked on the purchase page.
  • Get kneepads


  • Register and checkout
  • Fill out the Athlete Information Form Linked on the purchase page.
  • Fill out the Skills Questionnaire Linked on the purchase page
  • Get Kneepads


  • Register and checkout
  • Fill out the Athlete Information Form Linked on the purchase page
  • Get Kneepads


What should my child wear to practice?

We want all athletes to feel comfortable when they are learning. Athletes can wear any athletic clothing, including, t-shirts, athletic pants, and athletic shorts. Athletes need to take out all jewelry. If it is Brand new, and you cannot take it out, you must cover it with a band-aid or medical tape. There are only a few things that are mandatory.


  • Athletic clothing
  • Sneakers
  • Hair out of their face
  • Kneepads


Phone Policy:

Athletes should not have their phones out at any point during practice time, including during water breaks. We are not responsible for any cracked phones. If an athlete is expecting a phone call or a text, their parent/ guardian must email us at with the athlete’s name in the description. We do not need to know the reason, but we need to know that they will need to periodically check their phone.


Parent/ Guardian Spectator Policy

Parents/guardians are allowed to spectate but cannot coach. As a result, many athletes become confused because the advice from parents/guardians can contradict what the coaches say.  This is your time to sit back and relax; you deserve it!