Coach Matt fell in love with volleyball in 2015, his senior year of high school. However, because his high school did not have a boys’ volleyball team, he could only play in casual settings with his friends on grass or on beach courts. In college, he continued to pursue volleyball by starting an intramural league team with his friends and hosting practices. During this time, with the help of video tutorials and the knowledge of more experienced players he learned how to run a 5-1 system. Since graduating from college, he has continued to play and hone his volleyball game in the form of open gyms, recreational leagues, and tournaments.

Coach Matt has had a handful of experiences coaching volleyball beginners, from preschool age to full-fledged adults. Working with the preschool and kindergarten age range, he’s had the opportunity to teach for a sports enrichment program. In this job, he taught proper terminology and mechanics of various movements in sports, ranging from soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, etc. Among his peers and adults, he’s held volleyball practice clinics to help improve beginner volleyball players from his church. In some of these more intermediate practices, he’s taught a proper 5-1 system and floor defense system with blockers.

Outside of volleyball, Coach Matt is an active member of his church, volunteering with children’s Sunday school and playing guitar/drums as a part of the praise team. His other hobbies include playing video games and watching anime with friends.

Coaching Locations: Coach Matt coaches at the Metuchen, South Plainfield and Cranford Locations

REC It Volleyball Coach Training Certifications: 

Beginner Practice: Lead Coach

Intro to Tournaments: Lead Coach

Rotations level 1: Support Coach/ Lead in Training

Rotations Level 2:  Support Coach/ Lead in Training

High School Tournament:  Support Coach/ Lead in Training