Coach Kyle Knight is one of the Coaches for REC It Volleyball. He has been playing volleyball since 2008. He started his volleyball career in adult recreational open gyms and worked his way into competitive volleyball tournaments. Coach Kyle plays weekly in competitive adult open gyms held by GMAVC. His primary position is Middle Hitter/Blocker. 

Coach Kyle took many adult volleyball clinics held by Coach Amber and learned proper mechanics such as footwork, control, and strategy. He also is trained in system volleyball and can confidently run a 5-1 system as a Middle Hitter. Everything that he learned in the adult clinics translates into youth volleyball coaching. 

Coach Kyle is a determined and athletic coach. His volleyball history is different than most because there was no formal volleyball training when he was a child. Within the past 12+ years, he has become dedicated to the sport and learned the terminology and positioning to play in competitive games. 

Coach Kyle coaches the Beginner Leagues and Beginner Clinic Programs. He works hard with the other REC It coaches to give the young athletes the best learning experience possible. He puts all of his energy into making the game fun and educational. The kids love working with him because he is caring and keeps the practice judgment-free. He gives the athletes input about some of the things that he learned over the years. An example is, “you can be tall, jump high, and hit hard, but that does not make your team win. You win when you work together and support the other five people on the court with you.” 

Coaching Locations: Coach Kyle coaches at the Metuchen, South Plainfield and Clifton locations 

REC It Volleyball Coach Training Certifications: 

Beginner Practice: Support Coach

Intro to Tournaments: Support Coach

Rotations level 1: Support Coach

Rotations Level 2: Support Coach

High School Tournament: Support Coach