Coach Daisey started playing volleyball in 2019. She played  club volleyball for 4 years in Las Vegas, Nevada. She had extensive training in positions such as Middle Hitter, Right Side, and Outside Hitter. Unfortunately, COVID- 19 canceled her High School volleyball seasons in Nevada. She recently moved to New Jersey and started taking REC It Volleyball High School Programs to ensure that she stayed on track. She took a range of courses including High School Prep, and JV/ Varsity League Programs. She asks lots of questions, listens intently, and shows initiative during practices. 


Coach Daisey became a Coach In Training because she wants to continue learning the sport and has a great court presence. She has many younger siblings, so she has lots of experience working with kids. Currently, she works in the Middle School Practice Programs, and is training to coach future Middle School Rotations Programs. She has a complete understanding of 5-1 and 6-2 systems and is now learning how to break them down into digestible chunks for the middle school athletes. She does an excellent job keeping the learning environment fun, while giving every athlete the right amount of correction to keep them engaged at practice. 


In her free time, Coach Daisey loves to hang out with friends and watch tons of movies/tv shows. Her favorite movie franchize is  Marvel. Her favorite movie is Avengers: Age of Ultron. She is also a really good baker. She can bake anything from cookies to homemade bread.


Coaching Locations: Coach Daisey coaches at the Metuchen, South Plainfield and Cranford locations

REC It Volleyball Coach Training Certifications: 

Beginner Practice: Support Coach/ Lead in Training

Intro to Tournaments: Support Coach

Rotations level 1: Support Coach

Rotations Level 2: Support Coach

High School Tournament: Coach in training