Coach Cliff Barany graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from TCNJ. He grew up in Jackson, NJ and his high school and college both lacked volleyball teams, so he stuck with basketball for years after college. Once he got into volleyball, he recognized a need for the sport to expand what was available in NJ. Looking to create more adult volleyball playing opportunities, Cliff established a club called Greater Metro Area Volleyball Club (GMAVC) in 2012 which he still operates today. Along with his partner Sherry, they built the program from nothing into the largest adult open gym in NJ, hosting multiple events every week. GMAVC has hosted many tournaments, which include D3 and D2 college teams competing. Many local Universities have their players routinely practicing at GMAVC's weekly advanced events. The group also runs charity events, fundraisers, and other community-focused programs to give back and be ambassadors for the sport.

Cliff was appointed Regional Manager for Nike Youth Volleyball Camps for central NJ in 2021 one camp at Princeton Day School and the other at Sportika. During the Summer of 2022, Cliff lead two Princeton Day School and two Sportika Camps. Due to his extensive network, Coach Cliff managed to secure the Director postion for three 2023 Nike All Season Sport Academy Camps. He plans to install instructional camps around the area for years to come. With his expansive personal network, he oversees who is hired and ensures that the program is held to high standards. 

From 2016- 2021, Cliff coached adult clinics for newer players with his Head Coach, Amber Rauh-Barany. The clinics allowed GMAVC, which has over 2,700 members, to expand into more recreational level players and broaden the offering suite. The clinics ranged from fundamentals to training skill-specific mechanics. Cliff knows how to run all varieties of system volleyball and has experience running drills and coaching students of all different skill levels. 

On May 4, 2021, Coach Cliff and Amber Founded REC It Volleyball. They started with one practice program with 28 athletes and 6 coaches and evolved the programs into a track to help athletes make high school and college teams. Rec It now offers five levels of programs and employs over 20 coaches. Coach Cliff helps create the lesson plans for the Beginner Practice Programs (level 1). He coleads the Tournament Prep and the Tournament Programs (level 2-5). He runs the Clifton Program and designs the lesson plans for the High School Practice, and Tournament programs. Cliff frequently collaborates with Coach Myka to develop the Middle School Practice Program at the Clifton location. 

In addition to running competitive and recreational adult events, Cliff plays Fistball. He will compete with his club team Swim and Sport Club (SSC) in Switzerland in July 2023. He will also attend the IFA World Tour tournamnet june 10-11, 2023 , and two major USA Club tournaments in July and August 2023 held at SSC and Phoenix Fistball Club in PA. He is also one of the Cofounders of REC It Fistball, a youth fistball program training middle and high school athletes to play on the USA U18 team. 

In his free time, Coach Cliff is active in a motorsport car club. His diverse playing experience keeps expanding his appreciation for sports, and his passion for Volleyball and Fistball's growth in NJ is tireless. His newest goal is to grow awareness of the sport for the next generation.