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How REC It Transitions Beginners into Gameplay

When an athlete is newer to volleyball, they must learn the fundamentals for Passing, Setting, Hitting, and Serving. Most of our beginner programs run for about 4- 6 weeks to give the players enough time to learn the fundamentals without the pressure of gameplay. After about 6 weeks of fundamental training, most athletes are ready to transition into games SLOWLY. There are different levels of games and different factors that influence the accommodations for athletes.

Some Common Accommodations for Beginners:

  1. Using a lighter ball help, the athletes build muscle to serve and hit the ball over.
  2. Letting the athletes serve in front of the serving line (end line) to serve it over the net.
  3. Giving the athletes 2 serving chances before losing the point and/or having a coach toss it over the net after the second serving attempt so both teams can earn their points from gameplay and not service mistakes
  4. Allowing newer players to underhand serve if they are newer to overhand serving.
  5. Having coaches set while the athletes rotate around them.
  6. No double calls
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