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Fall League- Why REC It is Different

Most affordable or recreational programs only focus on the fundamental drills or throw athletes into gameplay even though they have little to no gameplay experience. REC It Volleyball does it a little bit differently. Our leagues have one practice day a week that gives the athletes a chance to digest the information before game-day. It takes time for athletes to get to know the coaches and their teammates. As many parents know, game-day can make the athletes tense up, forget mechanics, and shut down communication. Every coach on our coaching roster has heard, “wait was that my ball?” from an athlete on game day even though they pass that same ball in practice. REC It Volleyball believes that incorporating a practice day in a league will help the players feel more comfortable and learn faster than just learning during a game.

During game-day, coaches do not have as much time to explain something to the athletes thoroughly. Coaches use “Trigger words” to remind athletes of corrections. For example, a coach may tell an athlete to “Transition” on game day.  Transitioning is when an athlete comes off of the net to get ready to do their hitting approach.  Games are loud, and coaches have about 2 to 3 seconds to correct multiple students between points. During practice, we reinforce the trigger words by saying them entirely; once the athletes understand the concept, we start to teach the shorthand/ Trigger words. When programs do not have practice time, it is hard to coach athletes because you never developed a way to communicate a correction during a loud and high-stress time quickly.

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